I’m no dummy. I knew a year ago when I bought Tybee that our journey together would be a bit of a zig-zag line rather than a completely linear progression.  I’m an adult amateur rider with limited time, money, guts, and talent.  He was a coming 5 year old just a few weeks removed from … More Adjustments

You Gotta Love…

On the way home from the barn today, Old Dominion’s song, “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart”, was playing on the radio, and out of the chorus, my next blog post was born…. You know you can’t keep the ground from shaking No matter how hard you try You can’t keep the sunsets from … More You Gotta Love…

Bum Leg

The Tybster and I have had a bit of a rough week or so. During last week’s awesome jump lesson, Tybee interfered behind as he was switching leads after jumping the little stone wall.  His reaction was quite dramatic, so I pulled him up immediately to assess the damage to his right hind leg.  He … More Bum Leg

No Hoof, No Horse

Tybee’s feet, like those of many off-the-track thoroughbreds, are a work in progress.  Quality hoof growth doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s an ongoing process and it’s not uncommon for 6 months or more to pass before realizing the effects of any nutritional or supplemental changes. Tybee has thin hoof walls which cause my farrier much stress … More No Hoof, No Horse

XC Refresher

While green horses can certainly try one’s patience, they can also be so much fun.  With each trip to the cross country field, Tybee demonstrates that he has learned something from the time before, and I find such a sense of accomplishment in those tiny steps forward in his training. On Saturday morning, we loaded … More XC Refresher

Highlight Reel

What’s the protocol here?  Does anyone know?  Anyone?  ?? Do I apologize for my months-long neglect of the blog?  (If so, I extend to you my most sincere apologies.) Do I just try to sneak back in with a new post without acknowledging my absence? (If so, keep reading.) Do I write in detail about … More Highlight Reel

Slow & Steady

There are as many opinions about how to bring along a young or green horse as there are riders and trainers.  I’ve spent the last 20 years, give or take a few, involved in the equestrian world as an amateur rider.  Much of that time has been spent riding my own green horses, and I … More Slow & Steady


Yesterday, I spiraled. Truthfully, it had been coming on for awhile, but I guess I finally hit the tipping point. Everything had been going smoothly with Tybee from the day he arrived…..TOO smoothly.  I knew that there would be bumps in the road – there always are – he’s a horse…and a green horse, at … More Spiraling